How Can I Help The Shelter

Our Needs List


Updated 5/26/23

If you would like to help us Stuff The New Shelter, you may view our Amazon wish list here.

Industrial Toilet Paper Rolls
Water Bottles (the less parts to clean, the better!)
Mattress Protectors (36″x80″)
Bus Tokens
Shower Shoes
Snack Foods
Applesauce Cups
Fruit Cups
Juice Boxes
Paper Towel
Ear Buds with Jacks

Due to very limited storage space, we are not able to accept clothing items other than warm socks and gloves/mittens.

Email or call 920-203-4536

Donation Information:

Donation hours are:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Please call Michele at 920-203-4536 or email with questions.

Donations can be dropped off at:
420 Ceape Ave. Oshkosh, WI  54901​​

Did you know…?

Day By Day Shelter has a 50 bed capacity. Some evenings, we have to turn guests away when we have already reached capacity. On these evenings, we like to give each guest a blanket or sleeping bag and a gift card for a local fast food restaurant.

Because we ask our meal volunteers to prepare food for 55-60 people, we cannot allow additional guests to eat and leave for the night. The gift cards ensure that those turned away will be able to eat a warm evening meal. 

Bus token, vouchers, and passes are a crucial need for our guests. Access to public transportation allows guests to get to work, doctor’s appointments, job interviews, and other local resources.


Insulated hats & gloves are our most highly used item during our operating season. These are especially critical on the coldest winter days. Guests are able to take what they need to make it through the cold winter days.

These are also used when we are at capacity and have to turn away guests. We want them to be equipped as much as possible.

Other high frequency items include paper towel, breakfast bag items, and 33+ gallon garbage bags. 


In Honor/Memory Of

Each year Day by Day receives so many wonderful gifts either in honor of or in memory of loved ones. We want to honor those individuals on this page. Thank you to all of the families and friends who have given to us. We truly appreciate the gift of helping your loved ones legacy live on by helping others. 


In honor of Denise Robson and Sean Butler
Many generous donations in memory of Dorothy Jungwirth
In Memory of Bob Cairns, Sr.
In memory of Modonna Tinker
In memory of Marilyn Dahl
In honor of the Withers Family
In memory of Tom Jaworski
Many generous donations in memory of William Moyle
In memory of Charles Schranz
In honor of Jim Kroeger
In honor of Randy Husman
In memory of Adam Jorgenson
In memory of Sherry Schalkowski
In memory of Thomas Galica
In memory of Steven Mallas
In memory of Mike Malchow
In memory of David Hayford


In memory of Barbara Jean Baker
In memory of Angie Schaefer
In memory of Nina Leib
In honor of 57th Wedding Anniversary for Pastor & Mrs. M. Dismer
In honor of Pat Kufel-Ebben
Many generous donations in memory of David Hayford
In memory of Tom Walter
In memory of Loretta Hoversten
In memory of Grace Sawyer
Many generous donations in memory of Robert R. Swan
In memory of Peggy Bostwick
In memory of Beth Heuer
Many generous donations in memory of Adam Rehm
In loving memory of David and Irene Alice Luebke
In memory of Andy Schweda
In memory of Betty and Bob Burns
In memory of Ruth and Ray Scharpf
In memory of Carol Brown
In memory of Lou Palmeri
In honor of the birthdays of:
Jim Osborn, Jim Krueger, and Michael Belongie
In honor of Keaton D Reissmann and Hannah-Rain E Reissmann
In honor of Kris and Bob Baumgarter
In memory of Rev. and Lillian ER Rapp
In memory of Sara Scherer
In honor of James & Verena Paulson
In honor of Rev. Deb Swets
In honor of Kristin Duda
In honor of Judy Grota
In honor of Maddie Conley and Day by Day Staff & Volunteers
In honor of Greg Courchene
In honor of Matt Wirth
In honor of Glenn & Karen Wilhelm
In honor of Joyce Burton


Can you lend a hand?

Volunteers are an essential part of our team. Last year,
1264 people logged over 5,000 hours of service. Volunteers serve a variety of roles, including:

Meal Teams

NEW! Meal teams are able to participate as much or as little as they would like! Want to double up your recipe, make one for you and one for the shelter? Great! Want to serve the meal, but not make a meal? We can make that happen! Want to drop off some sides or desserts to go along with picnic style dinners? Let’s talk! Call Michele at 920-203-4536 or email


Hospitality Volunteer (PM Shift)

​Hospitality volunteers engage with the guests and assist the staff with shelter operations. Volunteers on the PM shift (5:30 to 8:30 PM) check-in guests, manage the sign-in log, monitor the shower schedule, assist with laundry, and complete other tasks as needed.

Interested in becoming a hospitality volunteer or receiving more information? Call Michele at 920-203-4865, or email


Hospitality Volunteer (AM Shift)

Hospitality volunteers engage with the guests and assist the staff with shelter operations. Volunteers on the AM shift (6:00 to 8:00 AM) assemble breakfast bags, take food inventory, complete remaining laundry, wash breakfast dishes, clean the kitchen, and complete other tasks as needed. 

Interested in becoming a hospitality volunteer or receiving more information? Call Michele at 920-203-4865, or email 



Hospitality and Meal Team Volunteer Information

All volunteers must be age 18 or older.   Youth may volunteer in the shelter if accompanied by an adult.  New volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application and to speak to Michele at 920-203-4536 or prior to volunteering. 

Returning volunteer?

Please email for volunteer calendars or if you would like a Volunteer Refresher Orientation.