I Need Help

Doors open nightly at 6:00 PM at Day by Day Shelter. 

New guest intakes are only available between 3 – 5pm Monday – Thursday, and must be completed before first stay. Please note that a completed intake does not guarantee a bed. 

Please call the shelter at 920-203-4865 for more information on our eligibility requirements and intake process.

Since our opening in 2011, Day By Day Shelter has served a total of 1,349 Guests, provided 38,411 nights of shelter, and served 77,281warm meals.

Season 10 – 2020/2021 Shelter Stats:


Unduplicated Guests – 154
Times we had to turned away due to being at capacity – 72
Guests left for housing opportunities – 77
Guest employed – 41 out of 121 that were able to work

Trained Frontline Shelter Staff (seasonal) – 17
Administrative Staff (3FT, 2PT year-round) – 5
Volunteers provided over 5,000 hours – 563 volunteers