The Day by Day Shelter has been serving Oshkosh and Winnebago County for over 10 years. The shelter is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable population in our community, successfully providing them shelter, basic needs, programs, and services with the goal of self-sustainability. We have been a critical provider of services, keeping our homeless off the streets, and moving them towards a better life. Each year over 200 people use our shelter and resources.

In the early years, the shelter’s primary focus was simply providing shelter and a hot meal in the coldest months of the year. Today, in partnership with many local organizations, we provide programs for our guests primarily focused on life skills, to help them achieve an independent lifestyle, with the ability to care for themselves.

Day by Day serves an adult population (18 and over). We turn away no one (other than due to capacity) offering services and support to those who are veterans, have been incarcerated, battling addiction, have been abused, or suffering mental illness.

While we continue to provide programs and services to an increasing homeless population, our current location is no longer meeting the needs of the increasing services we provide and the needs of the homeless.

In opening a new location, we will be able to provide shelter and services 365 days of the year with a 50-bed capacity, turning away fewer people. Further, the new shelter will increase the programs and services we offer, thereby reaching more people to achieve self-sufficiency.

Over the next year, our goal is to raise over 4.5 million dollars in order to secure this new location. With your contribution to our capital campaign, Day by Day will be empowered to help more people out of homelessness. If you have interest in learning more about the campaign and receiving information on how you can help support the project, please contact Day by Day at 920-203-4536.


“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return.” ~ Nelson Mandela


Molly Yatso Butz
Executive Director

Groundbreaking and Construction –  July 2022