It’s hard to believe it’s been one year – one year of changing lives at 420 Ceape Avenue. When I sit back and think about the almost 350 people who have entered our doors this past year, I am reminded of their stories, their personal hardships, their burdens, and their judgements that have gotten them to Day by Day. And when they arrive, they are reminded they matter – Day by Day offers them the opportunity to get back on their feet and start again tomorrow. Our Shelter is so much
more than a building, lives are changing here.

It’s hard to pick just one story that has had an incredible impact on our entire team, but Darryl’s story, and Darryl himself, is a Shelter guest none of us will forget. His story about being homeless for one year is inspiring. I am thankful to him for be willing to share his story.

I’m reminded daily of the impact we have on people’s lives. One story that had a big impression on me was that of a gentleman who had become homeless for the first-time last November. He came to the Shelter, worked through our programs, was a “model” guest, and worked at Day by Day through our guest employment program. In March 2024, he moved out of the Shelter, into a home with a friend and started a full-time job. As he was leaving on his last day, he came into my office and said, “No one has ever been this nice to me. No one has helped me as much as you have.” That story will motivate me and our team to year two…our guests remind us to keep going, to keep being present every day for those who just need someone to believe in them and help them. I am so proud of Day by Day every day!

There are so many others whose lives have been transformed over the past year because people believe in this organization, believe in our mission, and believe in the good work we do EVERY DAY, literally, to help the most vulnerable adults in our community.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to continuing to change lives, DAY BY DAY, in the next year.


Molly Yatso Butz
Executive Director

Groundbreaking and Construction –  July 2022