Meet Phoenix

Welcome to Day by Day, Phoenix Charles!

Day by Day has a new staff member!  Phoenix Charles officially joined the Day by Day team in April of 2023 thanks to a grant funded by the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation and donors Charles and Judith Gorham.

Charles and Jean Gorham saw first-hand the effects addiction can have on a community, so they decided their main areas of giving would focus on drugs, alcohol, mental health and rehabilitation.  Both of their sons struggled with addiction and homelessness and used programs in Winnebago County.  Charlie and Jean also provided a grant to OPD for a K9 dog, as Jean loves dogs, particularly working dogs.

In 2021, OACF Director of Donor Services, Karlene Grabner brought together Day by Day and Journey Together Service Dog, Inc. to begin discussions around Day by Day receiving a facility dog through a grant by the Gorhams.  With the new Shelter opening in 2023, Day by Day and Journey Together began working through a timeline to have the facility dog in place for the new Shelter’s grand opening.  

A facility dog is a working dog specifically trained to help more than one person in an education, treatment, or therapeutic setting. Journey Together carefully considers the skills and personality of each of the dogs to find them the right job.  Phoenix was chosen very soon after the first meeting as the perfect dog for Day by Day.  Dogs selected to become facility dogs are calm and quiet indoors, affectionate, and motivated by people. According to Journey Together, the dogs are well mannered, house trained, have obedience training, and specialized skills that can be used in a variety of settings.  Once Phoenix was placed, Day by Day Program Director, Denise, began training in a variety of settings two times per week.

Denise will serve as Phoenix’s handler while he is at Day by Day. Phoenix provides guests and staff at Day by Day social interaction, recovery motivation, comfort, and a feeling of safety and support.  

The Gorham’s were supposed to meet Phoenix last year, but Charles passed away five days before the meeting.  In honor of Charles, Phoenix was then given the middle name “Charles”.  In May, Charles and Jean’s son and his wife toured the new Day by Day Shelter and met Phoenix Charles. 

Day by Day is thankful for the support of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, the Gorham’s, Journey Together, and Day by Day staff member Denise, for making Phoenix Charles a member of the Day by Day team.  

The generous donation made by the Gorham’s provided Day by Day funds for the training of Phoenix and first year of supplies.  However, Day by Day will need the support of the community to continue to have Phoenix on staff. Please consider joining our PHOENIX CHARLES CANINE CLUB for $100 per year to support Phoenix. Day by Day is looking for 100 people to give $100 to join the club!  Thank you for your consideration.